Who We Are?

Radix Hawk is a real estate company providing retail brokerage services, comprehensive development and advisory services, and highly vetted investment opportunities. We specialize in helping our clients build wealth through real estate. From a single residential acquisition to the acquisition of a portfolio of commercial assets, we perform institutional level financial analysis and due diligence on these assets.

At the conclusion of the rigorous underwriting process and only when we have complete confidence that the acquisition or project will be successful, Radix Hawk brings these opportunities to our clients. What sets Radix Hawk apart from other retail firms is the rigorous due diligence we perform for our clients. In addition, Radix Hawk takes an ownership position on all projects, thus assuring investors that we have a vested interest in the success of the investment.

Over 90% of the world’s wealth has been created from investing in real estate.


Traditionally, the best real estate investment opportunities have been reserved for “insiders” with access to institutional contacts, hedge fund assets, and large amounts of liquid capital. Radix Hawk is your “partner on the inside”. Invest like a pro!

Off-market real estate assets are carefully selected, intensive analysis performed and underwritten. Then a favorable capital structure is developed, maximizing the performance and value of the assets.

Radix Hawk sponsors all its projects. This vested interest translates into the shared success of the investments offered to investors. We are a “boutique” firm, so our investors are not burdened with high fees. This allows our offerings to significantly outperform those offered by large real estate investment firms.

Company Overview

What We Do

Radix Hawk is a Private Equity Real Estate Investment firm that brings institutional level investment opportunities to mainstream accredited investors helping them grow their wealth through diversification, enjoy a hedge against inflation, and possess the tangibility that real estate assets provide compared to stock and bond investment portfolios.


Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

Radix Hawk is dedicated to providing real estate investment opportunities, which allow our clients and our advisor partners to live the life of their dreams.

Our Vision

A platform which transforms the real estate investment process and empowers individuals to invest like major institutions.

Core Values


The Radix Hawk business model is based on building long-term, positive relationships. When we work with investors or our own advisors, we enter into a lifelong partnership with a focus on cultivating relationships and exceeding expectations. Mutual success relies on creating an environment of collaboration amongst investors, service partners, and associates.


The team of industry-leading partners is our greatest asset and it consists of individuals with diverse experiences, perspectives, and expertise. Our duty is to create and foster the best creative solutions and opportunities for the benefit of clients and associates.


The Radix Hawk team is incredibly responsive and diligent when anticipating the needs of investors and fellow associates. We are committed to quickly and accurately respond to questions and requests so clients can make critical investment decisions with confidence.


Investors expect exemplary quality of service and support from our team. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and striving for continuous process improvement which enables investors to create wealth through their real estate investment portfolios.