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Radix Hawk is a real estate firm providing Commercial Real Estate Investment, Advisory, and Capital Markets solutions that brings institutional-level services and investment opportunities to mainstream investors. At Radix Hawk our passion lies in helping our clients grow their wealth through the diversification, of tangible real estate assets provides in relation to their financial investment portfolios.


Advisory Services

Our advisory services represent a comprehensive commitment to your investment - from its initial inception, through the duration of its life cycle, and beyond. Our expertise provides a vital assurance that you are making sound investment decisions for maximum success.


Investment Sales

At Radix Hawk, we specialize in the sale of commercial properties. Our team of investments advisors is experienced in providing strategic guidance throughout the entirety of investments lifecycle to ensure optimal sale execution. We believe that investments performance can be maximized only with real-time pricing intelligence; that's why we provide data-driven tools and resources to our clients to accurately gauge market dynamics, thereby bringing maximum returns on their investments. With our expertise in commercial properties investments and a dedicated team of professionals addressing the needs of capital and opportunity unlockers, there is nothing stopping your success. Let us be your go-to partner for investments performance.



Radix Hawk provides cutting-edge data and research to empower clients to make well-informed decisions and insulate their capital investment from risk. Our research gives you the insights necessary to make smart investments today while staying ahead of trends for tomorrow.


Cost Segregation

An integral component of commercial real estate investments that must be taken into account is the potential of tax efficiencies that way maximize asset value. Investments in commercial real estate can potentially benefit from cost segregation strategies. Our team of cost segregation experts can help you maximize these benefits. Through careful deduction, they can create additional depreciation expenses that many clients and their advisors miss out on. These deductions can reduce your quarterly tax payments or be utilized for a current year's return, resulting in reduced overall tax liability. Investing in cost segregation puts money back in your pocket today as it increases higher deductions in the earlier years of ownership based on the economic rule of the time value of money.


1031 Exchange Services

At Radix Hawk, our creative team of 1031 exchange professionals uses investments in commercial real estate as compliments to our client’s overall wealth management plans. Through deferral of capital gains tax and depreciation recapture, we help them keep more of the proceeds from investment property sales that can be reinvested into replacement properties. With this strategic structure, our clients have the ability to “reset” for continued 1031 exchanges until the sale of their real estate investments is complete, at which time they may experience full liability on taxes that could otherwise be deferred. Let us help you take control of your investments and create a legacy with great returns.


Development Advisory

Radix Hawk Development Advisors, counsel and support a number of organizations, both domestic and international; including government agencies, nonprofits, and private corporations, by guiding them from concept to closing on all aspects of the development life cycle needed to achieve their goals and objectives. Our advisors seek to find solutions to global problems. Their initiative includes addressing social and economic development problems caused by ineffective governance, instability, and inefficient markets. They supply new ideas to organizations using a deep base of knowledge, as well as research and market analysis designed to help their clients bring to market successful developments and implement lasting results that benefit the communities served.


Equity Advisory Services & Placement

Radix Hawk has highly experienced institutional real estate capital raising specialists with varied backgrounds including investment banking, investment management and capital markets. Our team specializes in identifying the most compatible capital alternatives for growth and income projects, with a specialty in Multi-Family and Hospitality assets or a portfolio of real estate acquisitions and development. For projects that fall within the spectrum of assets where Radix Hawk has a specialty, our team has the ability to place debt from its current portfolio of investment funds. Radix Hawk draws from a multidisciplinary skillset across real estate, institutional capital, and capital structure. Our team commits to providing clients with a diverse range of tailored solutions.


JV Partnerships

We offer both equity and preferred equity to real estate investors and companies. Discretionary capital gives us control over the transaction from start to finish, providing an efficient and transparent process. As a source of capital for commercial real estate, we fund projects nationwide with Joint Venture Equity and Preferred Equity. With several active investment funds and always looking to deploy capital to the right opportunities, our firm is ready to put our money to work.

Radix Hawk offers Co-GP equity and based on the quality of the project, LP equity and preferred equity to provide custom-tailored solutions specific to the deal and business plan. Whether it's common equity or general partner equity, our business plan is to give competitive terms with the versatility to adjust to possible changes in market conditions.


Debt Structuring

Use a structured approach to cultivate a better understanding of the issuers’ business and financing strategies, enabling participants to be more proactive and effective in their job. Specifically, they will be equipped to:

  • Use forecasts to determine the likely funding requirements of management’s strategic choices and the appropriate balance between debt and equity
  • Determine a company’s debt capacity using a cash flow based approach and anticipate the need for refinancing
  • Appreciate the factors influencing the choice of financing structures and the instruments selected
  • Determine an optimal financial structure and build appropriate terms and conditions for a variety of financial products.