Radix Hawk Real Estate, the evolution from its franchise origins, is the residential Real Estate division for Radix Hawk. 

Founder, Pedro Marrero had a vision to create a model that allowed an experienced and successful Real Estate Advisor to continue to build on their business whilst still maintaining and growing their commitment to their clients. 

Built on the philosophy that by increasing the skills an advisor has to offer, the more valuable they are to their client. The skills an advisor possesses cannot be replaced; this is their true value. Our model allows an advisor to help more clients by doing what they're passionate about. Ultimately, it is not the enduring long hours you put in, but the value you bring to your clients that makes you successful, which can very well take longer hours, it just won’t be as enduring.

Our passion lies in supporting these advisors build their value, succeed, and most importantly, enjoy the life they have built for themselves.  

Our model is simple, as your business grows, so do we!