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Acquiring Assets at a Cost-Effective Basis

One of the most important decisions when acquiring an asset, is acquiring at the best price possible! There are no second chances with commercial real estate investments. The purchase or “buy” is the primary reason why a real estate investment may not meet investor expectations.

The Radix Hawk Group’s (RHG) vast network and relationships with land planners, engineers, contractors, investors, developers and other real estate professionals, gives us a unique access to off-market acquisition opportunities.

At RHG, we focus our time, attention, and company resources on opportunities which will yield the greatest potential return through market leading risk-return principles.


The Integrity of a Committed Partner

We take an ownership role on every real estate opportunity that is brought to the market to maximize our client’s wealth building potential. RHG has a vested interest in all projects, making us a true partner with our valued investors. We make a commitment to enter into a lifelong partnership with an unparalleled focus on cultivating and exceeding expectations.


The Knowledge to Create the Best Opportunities

RHG puts all our prospective projects through an intensive financial underwriting, analysis and rigorous due diligence process. This includes capital stack structures, surveys, environmental studies, market studies, best-use land planning and entitlement work. Through our network and relationships, we assemble and closely manage the best team of architects, land planners, engineers, construction managers, general contractors, debt partners, legal partners and property management companies.

Radix Hawk will always maintain an ownership position in the projects they source. Utilizing this approach, investors can rest assured that the firm has a vested interest in the success of the investment opportunities presented.

The core principles of Radix Hawk.


Integrity in all
we do.


Long-term growth through the development of long-term relationships.


Client Service based on responsiveness,
accuracy, and commitment.